Hilda’s Housekeeper is named Hilda too

One of the things I’m trying to do around here is keep it clean. This probably seems obvious and sounds simple, but let’s remember that I’m a working mom of a not-even-three-month-old. Time, money and energy are all issues here. We can’t really afford to hire a cleaning service or house keeper on a regular basis. My husband (a neat freak) and I (a type A) seem to have differing definitions of “clean”. His is something like this: Vacuum tracks in the carpet, no clutter on counters and no dishes in the sink, but strangely can over look dirty windows, grubby countertops, dog hair riddled cushions and overflowing trash cans. Mine is more like this: Manageable (but still existing and necessary) piles of immediate to-do’s & bills, shiny windows, countertops, floor, empty trash cans and no visible laundry, nicely placed pillows. These overlap and gap in understandable ways. Recently we reach a point where the house was out of control. I felt I was doing most of the upkeep on a daily basis and he felt it wasn’t dirty until it was out of control. Both parties were frustrated. We don’t want to spend an entire weekend day de-cluttering, deep cleaning and shoulder deep in laundry, nor do we want to live with “out of control” all week until we have time for that entire day of torture. After chatting with fellow wives/mothers, a good chat with the hubby and a little googling and pinteresting we came to what we think is a manageable solution: a cleaning schedule. We sat down and discussed what needs to be done daily versus weekly and broke it up into easy to accomplish 30 minute per day tasks. We considered our schedules (coaching soccer, pilates, yoga, church group, etc) and built it for what suits us. So far it’s a work in progress but it looks like this:


-Make beds

-coats, shoes, bags (always scattered at the door or in the foyer)

-baby bottles: soak, scrub, sterilize, assemble

-dishes, dishwasher (load/unload accordingly)

-clear kitchen & bathroom counters

-pack lunches, baby bag, etc for tomorrow


-Sort laundry

-budget, meal plan

-grocery list and coupons


-Laundry wash, dry, fold, away



-floors: sweep, mop, vacuum


-kitchen and bathroom scrubdowns

-trash & recycling


-dust shelves, blinds




-sweep & vacuum



-clean out fridge, pantry or closet (rotate accordingly)

… I will post an update in a few weeks. I hope we can stick to it!

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