15 minute mani


Every once in a while I find that I have 10 or 15 minutes to myself. Between baby, work, dinner, dishes, exercise and showering (which I have to schedule into my day) it’s hard to find time for little frills. Painting my nails is a quick way for me to feel a little more put together … And it probably helps me look more “together” than I actually am. Today I had a surprise few minutes to myself and decided to give myself a little glamour.

15 minute mani:
Minutes 1- 2: file nails, pay extra attention to buffing ends (I find it helps polish adhere better).
Minute 3: wash hands well with soap and water.
Minute 4: lightly lotion hands and cuticles.
Minute 5: use cuticle tool or even your own nails to push cuticles back into base of nail beds and then clean under the nails. Clean off excess lotion.
Minute 6: base coat nails with “OPI natural nail strengthener”… I’ve found it really does prevent peeling and dries super fast!
Minutes 7-8: paint nails with desired color. I’ve chosen a cheery and trendy lavender/gray “bangle jangle” by Essie.
Minutes 9-10: relax and allow to dry (Essie is a quick setter and I also love Sally Hansen’s fast dry). 2 coats isn’t usually necessary and more coats mean more time and even more dry time.
Minutes 11-12: coat nails with clear coat. My personal fave is Sally Hansen diamond strength no chip in #110 “flawless”… I swear it gives my mani the strength to last a week (without it my paint jobs last only 2 days or so).
Minute 12-15: allow to dry. I often run my fingers quickly under cold water at the last second for a good seal.

TaDa! A 15 minute perk up 🙂


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