Peace and Quiet. Please.

Lately I’ve been trying to purposely set aside time to a) be creative b) be alone. A sounds like fun, right? And B looks like I hate people. The truth is that I spend all day everyday surrounded by children (whom I love and adore) and I’m rarely alone…. even in private (ie- bathroom). So basically I need peace and quiet. Not too much to ask for, but honestly harder to accomplish than I’d like to admit. However, I have found I’m left alone while I do chores. Who wants to fold laundry with me? No? Scrub toilets? No takers?

That’s when I decided that I need hobbies. I like to feel productive and creative. While on a walk with O a couple of weeks ago, I stopped into a beautiful bead shop in one of my favorite parts of town. Upon entry I knew I had found my new favorite thing to do: Buy beads beading. Wall to wall sparking strands of anything imaginable: pearls (fresh and saltwater), crystal, glass, jade, agate, coral, vintage, gold, silver. Heaven on Earth. I like buying them, but I like making things out of them now too. I began with a few gifts and repairing a few of my favorite pieces in my own collection. I’m proud to announce that I’m selling pieces on! Initially I used my etsy account to purchase adorable things and list a few of my favorite photography works. I’m now part of the club! Check out my shop! I’ll be adding a piece each week… at least thats my realistic goal.

A few peaks at my works (some still in progress):


{Died yellow jade (Largest0, yellow and gray czech glass strands}


{A nine hour multi- strand piece for my sister’s college graduation gift:

smoked white crystal, tumbled turquoise, clear agate, peach and raspberry Swarovski crystal}


{Triple strand bracelet: Czech glass, crystal and smooth rose quartz}


{A handful of supplies}


{Magenta agate, crystal, glass and quartz}

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