40 Homemade Stationery Cards for $10

I’d like to start by congratulating my beautiful little sister on her college graduation. What a fantastic accomplishment and milestone to reach!

That’s how this all came about- my $10 craft. My sister graduated, our parents threw a party (a darn good one too!), she received tons of generous gifts. True to form, my sis wanted to write thank you notes to each and every person who attended the party and/or sent a gift. True to form, she’s on a budget…. More intense than the college budget: the graduate budget. She asked for a little help… I obliged. We discovered that target, Walmart and hallmark carry tins of thank you note selections at reasonable prices. But for $10 she was only able to get 8 or 10 ho-hum cards. I introduced her to the Michael’s craft clearance bins.


We got 2 stamps (way more her style than most of the cards we saw elsewhere), 3 ink pads and 5 sets of 8 cards (totaling 40) for $9 and some change.


Now I’m not a stamper, but I stamped my little heart out for about 30 minutes and this is what we came out with.


I tied a bow on it to be cute… Hilda always does that. And at-da! A great craft for yourself or a gift for less than 10 bucks. This one will be seriously hard to beat!

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