Thankful Thursday

I thought I’d start sharing a few things I’m thankful for each month. I’ve noticed that stopping to smell the roses, taking a minute to enjoy a breeze or close my eyes to take in the warmth of the sun keeps me in check. So what if my coffee was cold by the time I actually got to drinking it… The sun is shining and I woke up today. That’s pretty cool!

So a few things that brightened my day:

{a good start. Coffee (olé actually), Greek yogurt and strawberries, classic PB toast}

{pretty orchids that my sweet neighbor gave me. I usually can’t keep them alive but these have lasted a month! And I wouldn’t have picked purple but it’s a surprising compliment to the family room.}

{an impromptu and inexpensive centerpiece I threw together for a cookout with good friends}

Happy Thursday! And remember, tomorrow is Friday.

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