Dirty Little Secrets Part III

Ahhh! Finally, I have time to post the third and final installment of the Dirty Little Secrets series.

Below is a repeated section of dirty little secrets. I thought it may be helpful to have it all in one place (again).

I make all of my household solutions with the following:

Baking soda. Mine is used so much that I keep a giant jar of it right next to my flour, sugar and coffee containers on the counter. I go through maybe 12 pounds of it per year. And it’s almost always generic brand. Baking soda is baking soda.

White Vinegar. I often can make it a whole year on about 2 gallons. Another product that is satisfactory when purchased as a generic brand.

White ammonia. Again, generic is perfect. The white part is very important.

Rubbing alcohol. Generic! I only go through a pint each year.

Peroxide. You guessed it- generic! Maybe 2 pints per year for cleaning.

Dawn dish washing liquid. My personal preference and I’ve found to be best smelling. Here, brand can matter. And the blue colored kind is just fine.

Suave hair conditioner. I swear. I but about 4 of these a year. At less than $1 at the grocery its an amazing value! Its almost always just used for scent – I like waterfall. But if coconut or something is your thing, go for it!

Lemon juice, sometimes actual lemons. Lemon juice is naturally antiseptic, acidic and nicely scented. All perfect for my purposes. Actual lemons are only a preference when I make a few of these things. Lemon juice keeps longer in the pantry and fridge.

Essential oils: Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint are best.

I bought all of these AND my homemade laundry detergent supplies in one swoop at Walmart for less than $50!

**Important to note** 

– I always purchase new spray bottles and storage containers for my cleaning supplies. As nice as recycling is… the chemical reaction, burn and explosion risk of splashing new chemicals into old chemical containers FAR out weighs the benefits. Just don’t do it.

Mixing anything is always dangerous. Lots of my cleaners rely on small chemical reactions between acids and bases. Use gloves, glasses operate in a well ventilated area ( I use my back deck). I always take a thorough shower after my mixing to ensure nothing lingers on my skin or runs the risk of getting my eyes or mouth.

-It may be a good idea to test some of these solutions on the surfaces of your home first. For instance, I have Corean countertops. If you have granite or something else you may want to check with your care manual or test a spot yourself before using all over. The same goes for carpet, clothing, tiles, tubs, sinks, flooring, appliances, etc.

-Always store these and all chemicals away from the reach children and pets. Be smart.


Homemade “Shout” Stain remover

2/3 cup Dawn

2/3 cup Ammonia

6 TBSP Baking Soda

2 cups warm water

Mix ingredients in spray bottle, shake. Spray or soak stain 2-5 minutes before washing. This works well for food stains, some mud and grass stains. I always encourage you to test spots on fabrics before using.

Homemade Oxiclean Stain Spray

1/2 cup Washing Soda (NOT Baking soda- like in my laundry detergent recipe)

1/2 cup Hydrogen peroxide

Mix in a spray bottle. Spray on stains. Can soak overnight. The mix is only good for 6 hours… If you don’t use it all or forget to pour it out then the container builds pressure and will begin bulging and then leaking at the seal.
Fabric Softener
6 cups HOT water
3 cups White Vinegar
2 cups Suave Conditioner in your favorite scent
Mix together in large bowl (I use my pancake bowl with a spout so transferring into container is easy) with a whisk. Pour into a bottle. I always save my smaller vinegar jugs for this. Use 2 TBSP per load.
My version of Febreeze
1/8 cup fabric softener
2 TBSP Baking Soda
Hot water to the top of the spray bottle
Mix together in spray bottle (shaking is most effective). Spray to freshen scent of fabrics, upholstery etc.
Emergency Bleach Spray
1/4 cup bleach
1 tsp liquid laundry detergent
Fill to top with water
Mix in spray bottle. This is the only product I use with bleach. Generally I stay away from strong chemicals but there are times when its necessary. I use it for removing stubborn stains from my sink, disinfecting when someone is sick, occasional wipe down of kitchen, bathroom and fixtures.

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