What I’ve been up to…

I’ll admit, I thought I’d be better at posting. Lately, I’m a blogger failure. Seriously. Although I’m busy (life, blah blah, baby, blah blah, bills, blah blah), I have been keeping up on my projects and such for Hilda. So here’s a sneak peak at what I have in store for you.

{A half finished commission piece I’m working on…}
{Cheap, easy, non toxic and delicious smelling kool-aid based play-doh recipe}
{Homemade chocolate syrup– you’ll never buy it again. This is the bomb}
And just a few things I’m loving lately:
{Bailey’s winking teacup at my fave restaurant}
{Caprese Strata and beignets at a breakfast mecca in Lexington}
{New crayons- need I say more?}

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