$6 Baby Mobile

I feel like a bad mom. Baby O is nearly 8 months and I’ve just gotten around to making her mobile. I’ve seen cool mobiles that I adore on Pinterest and Etsy for $40-$90. But I knew I could make one. I mean, I am still paying for my incomplete degree in fine arts…. this ain’t my first rodeo. I think I can handle a mobile. (and Jana, I’m using literary license with “ain’t”… we all know I don’t actually say that. Do I? I guess only if I’m rapping to Eminem, And I’m a damn good rapper.)

I bought scrap paper in a pink/tan/brown color scheme. A solid brown piece of thick paper was a buck I think. Then I found striped/flowered patterned paper that was more expensive because it was double sided. I went to find a cross-stitch hoop but those were surprisingly expensive so I found a particle board wreath base in the floral section of Michael’s for $3 and it already had holes in it! I had fishing line (thanks to Hubby), crimps and beads from my beading addiction. I left the wreath base brown because it matched my color scheme.

I used a scrapbook “punch” thingy (my terms are so technical) by Fiskars that I borrowed from my scrapbook savvy aunt who also leant a Martha Stewart hole punch to me. I punched out tons of those 2.5 inch circles from the scrapbook paper,  poked a hole on each end (think: North and South Poles) and ran fishing line through each one.

I made each strand a different length because I liked the look and it was one less step to measure. Then I weighted each strand on one end with a pink bead (I had heavy tumbled Rose Quartz and raspberry colored Swarovski beads left from a previous project) and crimped them onto the fishing line. The other end of each strand went through a hole on the wreath base and was also crimped in place. I repeated this until I filled the mobile.

I hung it from a hook in Baby O’s room and she is mesmorized by it.

This took me one evening of Madmen on Netflix and two glasses of wine. And I saved a ton of money by doing it myself!



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