Recycled Halloween Decor

I’m always up for a little recycled project… Especially if it employs glass jars in yet another way. I had a few large salsa and pasta sauce containers I had washed out and saved because I knew I would find a use for then one day. Hubby hates this … They sat on the window sill for weeks.

{supplies: jars, painter’s tape, scissors}

All I did was cut shapes out of the tape for a jack-o-lantern, ghost, Frankenstein, and the word “boo!”. I placed them on the jars accordingly so I had a design on one side of the jar. I didn’t want my designs to wrap very far around.


Then I painted the jars with a thin layer of acrylic paint I already had in my craft collection. The key is THIN…. if its too thick the paint will peel off with the tape. This happened to me in a few spots.



After it dried for a few hours, I peeled the tape off and I had these beauties.

I may put candles or glow sticks in them for going on the porch or our rock wall on Halloween. For now they will be cute as a centerpiece or decorating a bookshelf. Recycled, free (i already had all of my supplies) and reusable… unlike an actual pumpkin.

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