Hilda Sells Her Rocks


I’ve cleaned up my Etsy shop and added a few new finished products. It felt so good to sift through some of the junk and add my newest creations…. like spring cleaning! But I always forget all the work it takes to post everything. After my work for hours on all of these pieces, I always call up my sister and ask her to model for me. She usually jumps at the chance to “model” and I trade her for some time tweaking her resume (I like doing that stuff actually). She makes a great model: she’s petite, flawless olive skin (people always think we are Greek), and decently good at sitting still. And I bet she’ll love reading this. Then I have to choose which photos to post, price everything accordingly, write killer descriptions and then shamelessly promote/pin/facebook/tweet all of my listings.

Changes I’ve made to my inventory:

I’ve tried to expand my price point. There will be more affordable pieces under $30 or $40, though necklaces are inevitably more expensive. Glamour and fashion should be fun and affordable for everyone.

I will be getting a new “header”…. perhaps something to coordinate with the blog. Not too logo-y but at least give Hilda a little more of an identity.

More photography, less paintings. For a number of reason: paintings are time consuming, dining room consuming and don’t sell as well. Additionally, they are a royal pain to ship. Photography seems to be more popular and much more enjoyable and flexible for me to create.

STAY TUNED! I’m planning a couple more halloween decor posts, small projects as well as a few before and afters around the house.

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