This passed weekend was jam-packed. Amongst all of our other commitments I was determined to make it to The Books by the Banks Festival because I MUST meet John and Sherry Petersik of Young House Love. I just must! So I somehow ended up baby and hubby free downtown. I parallel parked on the left side of one way 5th street. Hello! Did you read that?!? I parallel parked on the left side of the road in the reverse fashion that I am accustomed to. And we are all alive to blog about it.

So I was a few minutes late but my bestie, Greta of inGRETAblelife, saved us a seat in the second row for the YHL presentation and hopped in line and immediately started making friends! I squeezed in – Thanks to our new friend we made in line, Allison. Here is my shaky and overly excited iphone shot of the book table and The Petersiks. Looks like Sherry was excited too!

So we chatted in line and discussed our favorite YHL happenings, our kids, our own blogs and projects. And then it happened: Greta and I met John and Sherry! It was an intense minute of crazy word vomit that was something like this:

“Hi, I stalk your blog. I call it ‘this blog that I stalk.”

“I’m an addict. Its like a gateway drug!”

“I love Eminem too!”

Ah! They are stinking ADORABLE! And Sherry is just as petite and cute as I had imagined. Don’t worry, I restrained myself from squeezing her into a tight I-love-you-and-I-feel-like-I-know-you-but-we’ve-never-met-in-real-life hug. It wasn’t easy. I’m sure she thought I was crazy enough. Come to think of it, I don’t think I saw an form of security nearby. I could have gotten away with it. Hey guys, If you ever stumble on my little blog you might want to consider hiring a security detail for crazies like me.

Then we were on to their one hour presentation of lessons in DIY and a Q&A session. As I said before, Greta was kind enough to spread the contents of her purse across a few seats in the second row. Apparently she was the only one in the room and had the opportunity to stake out first row seats but felt second row was less stalker-ish. Good foresight, G. We were creepy enough I think. There were a few minutes of chatter and such before it was time to start. So John snapped this picture and promptly posted it to Instagram.

Check G and I out in the second row holding up our beloved books. Funny story about this pic: I was dropping Z off at preschool a few days later and a friend (we’ll call her Lily’s mom) came up to me and was like “You were at YHL this weekend!” I was like “Yea, did you see me? You should have said hi!” and she was all “No. I was late” and I was all “Oh, how did you know I went?” and she was all “You are front and center of their Instagram photo!” I about peed myself. I’m not really an Instagrammer…. so I really didn’t realize this picture was out in the universe. And I thought it was hilarious that she recognized me in all those other faces. And then YHL posted in on the blog about how much they loved their trip to the Nasty Nati… and today she jokingly asked for my autograph. (Side note: That sweater dress was way cuter in the mirror. But I guess mirrors lie.)

Here is my YHL book’s happy home on our coffee table in the living room for all to see (on top of my Real Simple Magazines, Parents Magazines and my other addiction: all things Tori Spelling- I highly recommend her CelebraTORI entertainment and party planning book). I’ve read most of it already but I constantly flip through the ideas and gorgeous pictures. It never gets old. And of course I have a renewed inspiration for revamping a few things around the house!

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