Frankenfingers and Pumpkin Vomit


We had a pumpkin carving party over the weekend. We invited a few friends to bring their pumpkins to carve and I promised spooky snacks. Pretty simple menu: Busken cookies, Frankenfingers (above), chips with salsa and guacamole, candy corn and hot spiked cider.

The Frankenfingers were really easy. I melted white chocolate chips in the microwave according to the directions, mixed in a little green food coloring and then dipped pretzel rods into them. I laid the pretzel rods on wax paper, promptly placed a sliced almond on the end (for a finger nail) and then made marks for the knuckles with a tooth pick.


It was that easy.

Then I carved a small pumpkin and served the guacamole like so.


We had so much fun that people stayed for an impromptu pizza party. I’d love to do this again next year! Stay tuned for postings of our pumpkin masterpieces!


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