Easy Peasy Pixel Art

This weekend unexpectedly found myself Hubby free (he was off negotiating the purchase of a new car…. Lucky him) and baby free (she was busy being spoiled by grandparents). So I found myself with some time to be creative. I grabbed a canvas (yes, I really do have those just laying around). This one was 24″ x  24″ . I knew I wanted to do something geometric and graphic so I decided to grid it off. I had the foresight to realize that gridding every inch meant I’d be painting 576 squares. No thanks. I marked every 1.5 inches, making 256 squares (this actually ended up being more effective as far as scale of the squares for the size of the piece). I used 2 large paint stirrers taped together to mark the grid lines across with a crayon… A perfect example of my “use what you have” mantra.

Then I started painting. I wanted a simple color scheme so I chose gray and yellow so I could hang it in the hall adjacent to our striped living room. I grabbed yellow, white and black paint from my bucket o’ paint supplies (can someone make me organize this soon? Its like a paint graveyard). I had no planned pattern so I just started mixing paint and adding it to a few squares that weren’t connected. I knew I wanted the lighter colors to gather together a little more obviously in the middle, but other than that I just kept painting.  Its started looking like pixels!

{Here it is partially finished. Notice the imperfect crayon markings.}

The nice thing about this project is that it wasn’t really demanding. I did this at the kitchen table while Baby O played nearby, and between simmering chili. Nothing had to be perfect… I didn’t even tape my lines. It was like painting by number. I think I could have done this with a few girlfriends painting random squares and enjoying a glass of wine.

{All done! Pardon the junky iphone photography.}

I chose to hang it on this awkward hall wall that is part hall, part kitchen, part family room…. I could probably write an entire post on the nightmare of painting all of these never-ending-1980’s-modern-open-floorplan- splitlevel walls and deciding where to start and stop each color (the answer in short: choose a smooth and cohesive color pallet. It will save your sanity and your marriage). But anyway, this wall was stuck in the middle. It serves as a divider/hider for the kitchen, the fourth wall of the family room, a wall continuing from the hallway and the entry way wall since you run right into it after you enter and come up the steps. ….I’m out of breath. But it was begging for an identity. So I gave it the pixel painting. And they lived happily ever after!

^ View from the couch (kitchen entry and messy fridge on left, dining area (my office) on right.

^View from the hall/top of entry steps. Baby O was playing…. obviously.

^View from living area into hall (kitchen entry on right, steps on left, living area behind me) Oh, and I didn’t know where to sign it. My grandma always says to sign and date all of my work. And she’s right! Since this canvas was stretched on a thicker frame it had plenty of space for me to sign on an edge. This way I can hang it any which way I like.

Tada! My sister is already begging for me to make one with her. I think the means success!?!

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