Things I’m Loving






Here are a few moments in my daily life that I feel are worth noting.


{Woke up to gorgeous snowfall}


{The beautiful Art Deco architecture of Cincinnati’s Union Terminal on a sunny day}


{Z’s little handprint on the fog of the window … I didn’t discover it until after I had already dropped him off at school}


{My dad having a moment with O at family dinner at Dilly Deli Cafe before he and Hubby left for a business trip}


{The amazing Chocolate Pots de Creme dessert at Dilly Deli… pretty and delish- I also highly recommend the French Picnic Sandwich. mmmmmmmmm}


{Skype date with handsome Hubby when he was away for work}

That’s all I have for now. I’m currently dreaming up a master bedroom mask over and working on breaking down the contents of the foyer gallery wall.


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