Getting My Thrift On- The Official YHL Completely Unofficial Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge

I’m a huge Young House Love fan, as I’ve stated before in an awkward “I love Eminem” encounter and subsequent blog post. John and Sherry posted about how this hilarious song about thrifting and their love of thrifting inspired a thrifting challenge for their readers.

Catchy, right? The challenge is to see what you can get for $20 at a thrift shop… bonus points for finding things referenced in the song. So off I went to the thrift shop with my $20 bill. And that tune stuck in my head.


I like to think I’m thrifty… but to be honest, I haven’t spent a ton of time in thrift shops. I’m into Craiglist, bartering (really), trading, recycling and even an occasional trash night pick. I think I’ve been in a thrift store less than 5 times in my life. Also, I felt strange posing for a picture here. Can you tell?



What, what? What. What, what? I found luggage!



And I found a ceramic duck for Sherry’s collection of ceramic animals.



And here I am leaping through the couch and chair section just like he did in the music video. Yes, I actually did this. And a little girl watched me. Then when I got down I explained that I was being silly and that I shouldn’t have done that. Um, oops?



This wasn’t in the song but I think I need a throne. Of course I would bling it out a little more though.



And here is my find. A solid wood four drawer dresser. And I happen to need one for our bedroom. It was $25 but it was on sale (I had no idea thrift shops had sales) so I got it for $19.97 after tax. Its roughed up on the corners, as you can see in this picture, but I think I can take care of that. My next problem was getting it into the car (thanks, Hubby!). Now I need to fix it up … stay tuned!

13 thoughts on “Getting My Thrift On- The Official YHL Completely Unofficial Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge

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  2. Score! That’s a great price. I didn’t really know thrift stores had sales, either, until I happened to be at GoodWill one day when they had certain colors of tags 25% off or something.

    Stopping by from YHL!

  3. This blog shows how fun you are in real life 🙂 XO
    Oh, and I cannot wait to see what you do with the dresser. Are you working on it this weekend?

  4. Found you through YHL and LOVE the pics! And I definitely think you shop thrift shop more – you have a knack for jumping on a good bargain. Geddit? Jumping? Ha!

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