Sharpie on Beauty


If you have a dollar and 10 minutes, you can do this project. I found some adorable wrapping paper in the dollar section at Target. At the time I had no planned use for it but it was cute and only a dollar. I couldn’t resist! I guess thats why they call them impulse purchases.


A couple of weeks later I was fishing through my art supplies to find a few things for an art piece for our half bath. I grabbed the gift wrap (I was a little eager to use it) and this old canvas. Its one of the alphabet canvases from O’s original bedroom theme. I hadn’t painted over it yet because it had a gash in the canvas. For some reason I had not yet tossed it in the trash.

I started  wrapping the canvas with the wrapping paper like so. I used scotch tape to secure the paper to the canvas and to other sections of the paper.

IMG_1847   IMG_1849

IMG_1850    IMG_1851

I used a Sharpie paint pen to write a quote on the panel. I chose a quote about beauty by Marc Jacobs. I like the idea of a positive quote about beauty (by a fashion icon no less) hanging near a mirror. I’ll be hanging it in our half bath as soon as soon as I have time to paint it. And I’m sure I’ll be finding more uses for the gift wrap! How many projects can I get out of my dollar impulse purchase?


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