Toy Storage Mahem



Ahh… toyland. This is O’s “play room” in our basement. It is actually just a corner of the open living room space down there. I was given the beautiful Pottery Barn alphabet rug by a friend whose children had out grown it. The gates are hand-me down as well and are great for containing O when I do laundry  a few feet away (the door is on the left in the first picture). All of the toys are great except the fact that they had no where to belong. Eventually I plan on buying a shelf but I’m not sure if we will need the cube kind or a regular bookshelf yet. Basically I’m noncommittal in the shelving department. My temporary solution was to wrap diaper boxes with gift wrap and store blocks and “little people” toys in them. So far it’s been working for us.

As a surprise when I got home from a weekend trip, my mom had delivered a pink Pottery Barn Kids kitchen! Oh boy, I nearly cried! How stinking cute! O already loves it. I’m hoping to take really good care of this set so future siblings and cousins can pass it around. I played with a few arrangements in the basement to see what worked best for traffic flow and storage function. After working up quite a sweat, I settled on this arrangement. Eventually we plan on lightening up the color on the panelling down there and  adding a kid table and easel or something like that. For now this is just right for 16 month old O. Believe it or not, this little playroom stays pretty clean. O loves to put things away and in boxes. How lucky am I?





I haven’t had time to make an ikea trip for the play food and kitchen supplies. Ikea is far enough from our house that I need to set a day aside and make an Ikea mission list before I go. I decided to use recycled boxes and old bowls and measuring cups until I run up to Ikea. Who needs toys when you have cardboard boxes anyway?


3 thoughts on “Toy Storage Mahem

  1. Aahhh in addition to our brunch we should hit up Ikea too. It’s so close, yet just far enough away to make it inconvenient for those of us in the ‘burbs, isn’t it? LOVE the pink kitchen – so precious!

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