Things I’m Loving

Time for a monthly moment where I stop to smell the roses. Here are a few things I’m just loving.


This happy little garden gnome at work.


It isn’t a road trip unless we stop at Cracker Barrel. We stopped at one outside of Knoxville on our way home from Hilton Head last month.


The divine (I think I already posted about this but who cares) Stuffed Focaccia at Indigo in Hyde Park. I enjoyed a girls night out and stopped there for drinks and some time on the patio. Just what the doctor ordered.


A thank you note and bag of cookies that I helped Z put together for the garbage men. He loves to watch them! On garbage day he lurks by the window and watches for them. Since Z wants to be a baker when he grows up he asked me if we could bake on a Tuesday so we could have cookies ready for “the guys” on Wednesday (garbage day).


Baby O enjoying the beach at Hilton Head Island. She LOVED the beach and couldn’t get enough of the ocean which she called “bubbles”. She cried each afternoon as I pried her from her bucket and took her back for a nap.


By the way, I can’t say enough good things about HHI. Its a great family vacation spot, everything is reasonably priced, our condo was just what we needed (and nothing we didn’t), the beaches were beautiful and the food was spectacular. If you want to sneak down to Savannah, GA for some history, quiet time and scenery its only about an hour away. We loved Savannah too.


O’s little friend R (8 years old) likes to give her little gifts. Sometimes its one of R’s stuffed animals from when she was smaller, or a book she’s outgrown. This time she packaged up some bubbles and a stuffed monkey for O. How thoughtful! R labelled the gift bag with this tag. I stashed it in O’s keepsake box. I just couldn’t help myself!


Even on busy days the boys and I make a little time for Monopoly. We have an ongoing game on the dining room table. Sometimes we each take a few turns between errands and play dates. Other times we play for an hour or more. It serves as good “down time” for them (and me!) and also is a huge learning experience. From counting the dice and money to understanding strategy and using critical thinking… these kids are working hard while playing hard.


Oh yea, and I busted my ankle. Sprains are super painful and even more annoying. This is how I drove on a portion of our road trip. Lame. I guess this isn’t something I’m “loving” but I wanted to share.


Welcome to my newest addiction: Vintage. Its a sweet little boutique in my favorite part of town. Everything they have  is new but has vintage flair. They have jewelry, hats, scarves, small home decor, and so much more! I love that the store is put together in a bit of a flea market or antique store vibe so you still get the thrill of the hunt. It also has sections set up as vignettes in different color themes. So darling! On my first Vintage venture I bought two Tyler candles- one scented as “High Maintenance” and another in “Hippie Chick”. I also picked up a plum bauble necklace I’d been eyeing. I can’t wait to return!

What are you loving lately?

2 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. Oh no!! So sorry to hear about the Boot! What a pain, Although it doesn’t look like it slowed you down too much for the beach. Great pics! And I can see a lot of Rob in little O.

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