Little Man Party Prizes

Last week I posted about Kait’s Mustache Themed Baby Shower thrown by my sister and facilitated by yours truly. First of all: woah. Tons of views. What can I say? We were on trend! Second: even more pins from that post. Mustaches are everywhere on Pinterest! Anywho, In the post I promised a peak inside the gift bags and so here it is.

I hit up the Target dollar section for some inspiration. Seriously, if I have no clue what to do, this section usually gives me a couple of jumping off points. Susie and I wanted to spend about $10 on each gift bag. We were only doing two (for the game winners) so it didn’t sound outrageous or anything. My Target dollar section finds:


For one dollar each I snagged: two pink cotton zip pouches lined with stripes (my favorite!) and I also grabbed a couple of notebooks and two more notepads with funny Someecard quotes on them. I spent $6.

But what’s a dollar find without some Hilda touches? I knew I needed to spice up the pouches. I grabbed an eraser and some red fabric paint I had from Jack’s curtains and pillow (that tutorial is coming soon too! I used the eraser to stamp some red paint in a zig zag pattern along the top and bottom of each pouch.


Cute, right? I kind of wish I had done one for myself.  And it only took a few minutes! I was sure to let them dry well before packaging them up though.



Here is the loot for each bag. What do you think of the sayings on each notebook? I especially like one about hearing my own voice…. it’s very Susie and Kait!



I tossed the pouches in with the note pads and notebooks and packaged them into cute gift bag that I had glued a mustache and “winner” paint chip onto. I also attached a chevron gift tag that read “Thanks for playing!”

But wait! We weren’t finished. I grabbed two Tyler candles in Resort (the blue one for the little man) scent at Vintage Hyde Park.  I am officially an addict… I wrote about the adorable store and awesome candles here. The small candles are only $6 so that brought the total spent on each gift bag to $9… not counting my blood, sweat and tears, oh and tax I guess.

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