Things I’m Loving

Once again I’m late in posting my monthly collection of things I’m just loving. Oh well, I’ll be impressed if I’m consistent in posting between now and O’s birthday in January. At any rate…

First: My whirlwind weekend trip to Cleveland for the amazing Nannypalooza conference. Great food, reuniting with old friends, networking with new ones and sharing experiences and resources in all things Nanny/Household Manager. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire weekend but here are just a few tidbits from Cleveland.20131110-203510.jpgA few old buildings being rehabbed in the booming theatre district we stayed in… “Playhouse Square”. I was kind of obsessed with the plastic sheeted windows giving the smokey look and a few of them busted out towards the top only gave me more to love.


The Greenhouse Tavern was our first stop. We grabbed lunch here after checking into the hotel since we had some time to blow before the Un-Conference portion of Nannypalooza. It had quite a few vegetarian options (yay!) and a ton of funky character to it.


Character like bike wheels as light fixtures (shown below) and VHS tapes stacked to the ceiling (shown above). This restaurant is actually the first certified Green restaurant in Ohio so they recycle the tapes and actually show them on the TV over the bar. Clever, and funky but still chic and fun.



While O was away I missed O’s trick or treating (Cincinnati moved trick or treat back a day due to severe weather). But I was “there” through a little FaceTime session and a ton of pictures. Above is O’s pumpkin. This year I added glasses to hers for a little fun.


My mom sent me this picture of O playing dress up at her house and reading a book. These are two of her most favorite things lately. We read books all day and she often carries on with us in the car. Dressing up comes in other forms: trying on my boots, wearing a hat inside all afternoon, wearing Hubby’s shoes or dragging my purse around the house. I’m thinking she may need a dress up trunk for her birthday.

20131110-203234.jpgExcuse the boogies but how hilarious is this? O took her glasses off and is looking through the correct lenses in reverse. She thinks its hilarious.

20130929-202406.jpgZ and I have been doing our best to soak up the Autumn sun in the afternoons. We’ve had a few fairly warm days as well. Our latest outdoor fun is chalk. I have taken a sort of “coloring book” approach and outline an entire scene (in this case it was space) and Z and the neighborhood kids decorate the space ship, color in the moon, add a martin to a UFO shape I’ve drawn. Its like a giant life sized coloring book! Its a great way to keep everyone busy and entertained while holding on to our last few comfortable days outside.

20131115-210638.jpgSpeaking of Z… We recently celebrated our 5th year together which I affectionately call our “Nanniversary”. I received this gorgeous monogrammed necklace from A, Z and their parents as a gift. I love it so much! I will think of them each time I wear it. The cross above is another favorite from Silpada. I wear one or both of these everyday.

20131115-210554.jpgA striped wall I painted for a little boy’s room last week. Stripes are so much work but they make a huge impact. These were designed to mimic his bedspread design with primary colors with gray in varying widths.


In October we also spent 5 days in Florida and made sure to make a visit to Disney World (Magic Kingdom) for O… you know, because she will definitely remember it and knows all of the movies. Okay, okay… we enjoyed it as much as she did. She squealed at every turn, hugged every princess and even napped in Adventureland. It was perfect weather and a wonderful experience. Hubby and I had each been when we were younger but it was our first trip together and obviously O’s first actual Disney experience. We’d love to go again in a few years!



In addition to a bunch of things in my own life that I share in this post each month, I’d also like to try and share a few things from around these amazing inter webs that I’m loving too. It gets boring reading about my life…

Are you right or left brained? I really enjoyed taking this test… interesting to think about. Apparently I’m right brained. What are you?

Have you heard about the little boy in San Francisco who told the Make-a-wish Foundation that he wished to BE Batman? He got his wish… and all of SF was in on it. Take a look at how he got to spend a day as BatKid. I found it to be heartwarming.

I also enjoy this video … its essentially a summarization of a day in my life.

I’m making a few pumpkin recipes this weekend… what are your plans?

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