A Little Birdie Told Me

I took O on a day trip last week to visit family in Danville, Ky. My father’s cousins live there. I refer to his cousins as my Aunts and Uncles because I know them as well as I know my actual Aunts and Uncles, and their children are my “cousins”. We even chose O’s middle name from my father’s side of the family’s surname. When we were kids we often spent weekends visiting Danville, especially in the summer. I have fond memories of running barefoot between houses, visiting family horses and rocking chairs on front porches. It is only a two hour drive from Cincinnati (just South of Lexington) but it seems like a world away… the landscape changes into emerald rolling hills with old plantation style homes and historic barns are at every turn. Each time I visit I feel like the the air smells a little fresher and my heart is flooded with joy.

Our visit was spontaneous- I was off work and have been dying to visit all summer. Even though nobody else could join us (my husband, sisters and parents couldn’t come and were a smidge envious), I decided it would be a nice thing to do as mother and daughter. O is at a great age for new experiences and we are really enjoying making memories with her. I called up Aunt Kathy and Aunt Cindy a few days in advance and set up a day to pop in.

I had all the usual places on my list for this visit. I saw the family, visited the horse farm, ate lunch down town, lounged on the patio and chatted over wine … plus there was one more new place on my list: Blue Bird Market. It is a thrift shop the size of a warehouse stocked with donated items varying from purses, dishes and lamps to furniture, linens and books. And all of the donations are sorted by categories in different rooms for gardening, dishes, books, children, crafts and so on. Each category has it’s own room… this place is huge! In short, its my cup of tea. The best part is that it all supports therapeutic intervention for children from birth to the age of five through Wilderness Trace Child Development Center. I had seen my Aunt (who volunteers there) post about it on Facebook and I had been eager to see it in person. I even “liked” Blue Bird on Facebook so I could keep up with all the cool finds. It is such a cool place that I considered keeping it a secret from all of my Cincinnati friends! I took a stroll through Blue Bird Market and snapped a few pics to share here on the blog. I used my iphone so some of the photos aren’t as awesome as I had hoped. But check out all of the great items, clever displays and unique pieces below! Followed, of course, by my finds that I brought home with me!






















My loot: 


A ridiculously unique lamp. Judging by the color, wiring and bazaar shape, I’m guessing it is from the 60’s or 70’s. The shade is dramatically large and I can’t get over the shape of the base! And I didn’t hate the $5 price tag either.




I spotted this blue Ball Mason jar from across the room and I knew I had to have it. It’s quite large and has the number on the bottom. I’m fairly certain it is not a reproduction. I’ve already employed it as a vase for some wild flowers. $5 well spent.



I scored a brand new -in package with $89 price tag- Pottery Barn Harper blackout curtain for $10! It is a perfect fit in the guest room!




And for $20 another in-package Pottery Barn find with an original price of $70! A navy throw for our work-in-progress master bedroom.




I just couldn’t resist this oblong silver dish for $3! It is now home to my glasses and everyday jewelry. Fashion and function on a budget!


Obviously I loved our time in Danville and enjoyed our first (but certainly not last) shopping spree at Blue Bird Market. Special thanks to Aunt Kathy and Aunt Cindy for spending the day spoiling O and gabbing on with me. So much fun!

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