Picnic and Ladybug Themed Baby Shower           

Everybody knows I love a good party! Especially a baby shower … remember the Little Man Mustache themed bash we threw for Kait? I recently had the opportunity to throw a couple’s shower for my cousin and his sweet wife. Luckily, a couple other friends wanted to host a similar shower so w joined forces to throw a quite adorable “Baby-Q”. The couple is expecting a baby girl this summer and her name is Larkin. Her initials will be LDY and so the ladybug/picnic theme was born. The girls who hosted with me were super clever and creative so we knew we could do some pretty amazing stuff. Take a peek:


A onesie clothes line decorated the hall and was home to the thank you cards. We left the envelopes and pens out so guests could self-address them.


Ah, the bar. The most popular spot at any party. Part of the fun of a couples shower is serving adult beverages. Am I right? No worries, we had raspberry lemonade and flavored water too.


We played up the “picnic” vibe buy serving drinks in jelly jars. The burlap pennant banner was made by fellow hostess Liz and I want one myself! How adorable!


Stacy, another creative hostess ordered koozies as party favors. They read “Happy Hour’s Newest Member / Larkin July 2015”. We displayed them in a basket lined with red bandannas for more of the picnic feel.


We placed a chalkboard next to the bar (and bucket of beer) so people knew the options and that koozies were theirs to keep.


Having fresh fruit and drink dispensers was a fun twist on the picnic presentation.


The food table was all red and picnic-y too! Fresh flowers in mason jars, red and white plates and napkins added some flare.



Another chalkboard was near the door so we could be sure guests addressed an envelope and received these adorable ladybug themed cookie bags. They were specially made by Grandma-to-be Trish (my awesome Aunt).


Her talent is amazing! She had never made ladybugs before but these couldn’t be more perfect. And they were delicious too!


It’s not a party without a few family pics!  Above: My sister Susie, cousin/dad-to-be Ryan, my mom (who so graciously lent me her house to throw yet another party), and myself.

Below: Myself, hostess Stacy, Mom-to-be Ariana, hostess Liz. It was blazing hot out if you’re wondering what happened to my hair. These girls are a blast and I had so much fun dreaming up this Baby-Q with them. What a team!

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