Eye LOVE You

Its been a while since I’ve updated about O’s glasses. The truth is, for a long while there wasn’t much change. She wore her glasses daily and patched 3 hours a day since our last appointment. Things were going well so we just went for her annual exam. Before I bore you with the (important but not exciting) medical details, let me tell you about all the things this little kid is up to.

She’s hilarious. And I think she knows it. She also chats me up all day long: at home, in the car, at the store, at work. She just keeps going.


She started preschool a few weeks ago! It’s her first year and I think we were all a little nervous and excited. It makes me feel like she’s a real kid now… not a baby or a toddler. I’m so proud of her for diving into school head first! Every day she asks if she *gets* to go to school today. She’s made new friends, learned all kinds of things and is so proud of each piece of work she brings home. It makes my heart so full to see her so happy! The photo below is her on her first day of school. Isn’t she just beaming with joy?!


O has been into imaginative play, dress up and even super heroes! Here she is dressed as “Glasses Girl”. Her superpower is “sight”.


Other than that she’s been just a darling three and a half year old. And she won’t let you forget that “and a half” part either. She loved summer, the pool and is quite the little yogi.




And now for her vision update:


We made the appointment as a family (which we try to make happen as often as possible). O has always been cooperative at the exams but I think now that she can fully communicate it is even more helpful. Her prescription changed a bit. Her left eye increased from +5.50 to +7.00. This is her weaker eye (the one that was crossing) so we aren’t super surprised by this. The doc also says that he’s getting better exams from her every time as so his prescription might change a bit just because he gets better information from each exam (that the one before). Her left eye had begun crossing a bit so we knew a new prescription was going to be necessary. Her right eye stayed at +4.50. The only other change was that she developed (or we’ve finally discovered – due to increasingly more effective exams) an astigmatism. So basically she has an irregular shaped cornea or lens (I hadn’t thought to ask the doc which one) which causes some blurred/fuzzy vision. This is treatable/correctable with glasses as well. We won’t be patching for a while so we can see exactly how well her left eye does with the new prescription. We’ll know more about that after our next appointment in December.


Above is the “before”… Her old glasses. We stuck with the Mira-flex because they’ve been so fantastically durable and fit her well. We let her choose her own frame color. The funny part is she chose the same color as before… but the only ones have faded to a soft pink. Below is after. We’ve already noticed her eyes staying straight!


So proud of you, O! Eye LOVE you!


You can read more about O’s adventure in glasses here or #glassesareglam on Instagram.

One thought on “Eye LOVE You

  1. What a princess!! She is growing up to be a very special little girl. Too bad she will be a teenager some day!!!! Love having her at all our family parties. She makes everything/everyone sooooo happy🎀 💗❌⭕️❌⭕️ Luv u guys 😍 Gram

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