Oh Hey.

Some of you may have been wondering where I’ve been. Well, I have no real excuse except that summer is busy around here! Plus, O is older now and my time often goes to doing all kinds of awesome growing up stuff with her. And then she suddenly started preschool and I’m all like, “Whoa, I have a little time on my hands!” But I have kept up on my projects and I hope to be posting more consistently now that O is in school.

So here’s what’s new:

I’ve been dabbling in hand lettering and loving it. I made these for my sister because, Champagne.


I still love Sherry & John from Young House Love. I pre-ordered their new book and celebrated like it was Christmas morning when it arrived.


I’m planning to go to Books by the Banks and meet them (again) and have this book signed like I did the other. Last time I saw them they took an Instagram picture during their author Q&A and I ended up in it (see me… holding up their book on the right?).


Really, I’m only a little obsessed. Imagine my surprise thrill when they responded to my celebratory Instagram post. So now I need to brush up on my rhyming skills.

I’ve been working still (10 years!) as a professional Nanny and with my sisters in our sweet little family company. Just another day at the office.IMG_9665

And of course I’ve got some furniture projects going. In fact, I have more than a few. Hubby made a rule that if something comes in (to my garage/studio), something else must go out. So I’m choosy on projects but I’ve got some fun new things I’m trying with them!

I’ve also been playing with my camera more. I used to take pictures constantly but I got away from it. Who wants to carry a baby, diaper bay and a camera everywhere, right? This is one of my “make time to do things you love” things. So far, lots of fun!

And of course, cooking. Tomato basil soup was my firsy soup of the season and I’m dying to make more. So delish. Still playing with the recipe a bit more but I’ll share eventually. For now it’s just a really pretty picture on this blog (posting for accountability).  

More to come. Promise!

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