A Bubbly New Year

Pop fizz clink! New Years Eve is here and it’s one of my favorite holidays… Dressing up, gathering with friends, reminiscing the past year and starting fresh for the next. And of course, champagne. I do love a good glass of bubbly. After all, I do take after my mother. 

Whether you’re a regular champagne drinker or only pop open the bubbles on NYE and at weddings, these articles and recipes are enlightening to say the least. 

First, let’s discuss this amazingness. I am pretty sure I’ll be adding it to the bucket list. Can it be done?

Don’t be intimidated. A decent bottle of bubbly doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I’m a Prosecco gal myself and I rarely splurge for anything over $20. If you’re lost on what to buy, check out this list of bubbly buys under $20.

And you know, champagne has plenty of health benefits. At least I’m reducing my risk for Dementia and Alzheimer’s while keeping it glamourous. Multitasking at its best! 

If you’re adventurous I promise these champagne cocktail recipes won’t disappoint! 
Source: Picklee
Find more recipes here and here

For the best champagne experience I’ve compiled a few basic pointers:

1- Cold champagne pops louder and more powerfully because the molecules have expanded as the temperature dropped. See #3 for safety tips.

2- If your champagne goes flat (if you’ve attempted to save), just drop a raisin into the bottle to revive the bubbles. 

3- To safely uncork a bottle of champagne: open the foil at the top of the bottle just below the lip of the bottle. Twist the metal cage open and remove. Hold the neck of the bottle with one hand and hold a clean dish towel over the top of bottle with the other hand. Use your thumb to loosen the cork. The pressure should pop it once loosened. The towel will prevent the cork from rocketing upward. You’re welcome. I just saved your ceiling, light bulbs and maybe your face. A handy video!

4- Make a toast! It’s simple… Raise your class, make a joke or a wish, honor a guest, celebrate with a “cheers”. 

5- Be sure to serve champagne in a fluted glass whenever possible. They are designed narrow and tall promote bubbles to rise through the liquid. The narrow opening helps retain the carbonation (bubbles!). Serving in a glass with a wider opening (like a wine glass) helps the carbonation dissipate quickly and therefor go flat. Read more here

6- While you’re at it, be sure to hold your glass by the stem. It helps keep the champagne cool and at an ideal serving temperature.

7- There is always an occasion for champagne! Moët Chandon has a nifty food pairing feature on their website.

8- For extra fizz try adding berries to your glass. Frozen berries keep your champagne cold too!

9- Be sure to store your champagne in a cool, dark place. Read more here.

10- feeling fancy? Study up on proper champagne service.

Cheers! Happy new year! See you in 2016!



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