Brave Budget Bathroom Makeover

Before I begin, I totally apologize for not writing much. I have no real reason… just spending time with the family and enjoying our days. I’ve still been creating tons but I have totally slacked on posting here. My Instagram and Facebook are updated more frequently if you want to catch me there too.

At any rate…. the bathroom. I’ve mentioned before that our entire house was brown when we moved in. The bathrooms were no exception. Our half bathroom began with the same paper bag color too. While there is nothing wrong with brown, I do have a problem with a dark and flat brown sucking all of the natural light in the house. So once upon a time I grabbed a random yellow paint while I was at the hardware store. I was just so sick of brown in the bathroom that I decided to be all BRIGHT and cheery. I returned home with what I’m certain is the least thought out paint choice I’ve ever made: Honey. That is what crazy little whims do. They give you colors you only might like rather than really love.

So for 3 years we had honey. And that fun medallion shower curtain, also bright and cheery. Cute. Livable. Cheery for sure. And then, you guys, I got another crazy little whim. I just decided we should have a calm, chill and tranquil bathroom and decided the honey had to go.

This is where I had to get creative. Guess how much money Hubby was willing to let me spend. Just guess. Nothing. Because I had already done the bathroom once. Can’t argue that! So then I was all “Fine. I can do that!” and he was all, “Whaaaa? How?”…

I ran down to the garage and inspected my arsenal of paint. I returned with a handful of cans and slapped a few on the wall. Like paint roulette! I ended up with Behr Ashes from the family room and foyer, Behr Zen from the guest room, Behr Roman Plaster from O’s room, the hall and the striped wall, Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper from the master and basement half bath. *All of these are in eggshell finish*

I ended up getting a little brave and mixing a 50/50 mix of Ashes and Roman Plaster and added 2 cups of Glass Slipper. It made about a gallon (which I mixed in an empty paint can… I buy them in the paint department). So we have a cool silver blue color going (the smear to the left of the rest of the samples). Gutsy but worth it.

I caulked and painted all the trim… because I skipped that last time and I’m pretty sure it had never been caulked. Then I go to work. I have to say I was a little nervous painting gray with brown tile and brown counter tops but I realized there is a gray color in the tile and a bit in the counter top too. Since I wasn’t spending any money I figured I had nothing to lose.


It took 2 coats but I believe its and ace! Everything already felt more calm and put together with the new color.

So the red shower curtain had to go… it no longer matched. I had also washed it several times according to the label but it had shrunk to a humorously short excuse for a shower curtain. The final straw was when I washed it while I painted the last coat. I eyeballed a few shower curtains online and had considered several geometrics or very subtle patterns but I went against my usual stripe addiction and landed on a monochromatic floral paisley. I know. I was surprised myself. This is the only money I spent: $23. And since it was now a need Hubby agreed.

Here is the finished product. A calm and tranquil sanctuary of a bathroom. My own personal spa! I hung a few of my Instagram pictures of the Cincinnati Museum Center that my parents had printed and framed when they gifted us a pass for Christmas (way more fun than opening a gift card!). I promise to take better non-iPhone pictures later but for now this should do. High five for a (nearly) free bathroom makeover!

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