Springing Forward

The other day O and I grabbed a handful of seed packets and a bag of potting soil on a whim at the grocery store. She enjoyed gardening so much last year that I figured we’d be able to burn an afternoon planting everything. Wrong. It ended up that she lost interest quickly. Mostly because preparation was my biggest part of the plan… I laid out old towels on the kitchen table, grabbed a pile of flower pots I had stored under the deck, Wiped them down, labeled a dozen or so popsicle sticks and then I was ready to get the dirt out. Of course O was suddenly ready to help. Because dirt is fun!

We plated basil, parsley, lavender, marigolds, sunflowers (large and hybrid), zinnia, impatiens, alyssum and more.
  We used the buffet/dresser in the dining room for a week to get everything started. The sun in there is great, but not direct. We had sprouts in just a couple of days!

We plan to move some of our new sprouts to larger post for the front porch and the sunflowers usually go along our deck in our perennial garden. Because we plan to move  then, I used an egg carton to start these seeds. I hope that later this means I can easily break them apart and transfer.

After a week we have quite a few sprouts and the sunflowers are going crazy. O has enjoyed watering all of her flowers and watching for new growth. We’ve moved most of the pots outside for now except the herbs because those are in the kitchen window. I suspect there will be a few cool nights that I bring them in before Spring fully arrives.

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