Bleúx Water Spa

I have to tell you guys about the most amazing place! Blúex Water Spa is my newest obsession. As you have probably gathered, I’m all about natural, chemical free and holistic lifestyle. This place is a spa that embodies all of that and more… But first- check out how gorgeous it is! Above is the filling sink for filling drinking jugs. Below is the waiting room. It’s calling my name for a good long nap. 

Ok, now back to the natural spa thing. This spa offers services you could find at most spas except with a twist. It’s built on a natural mineral spring! 

According to their website: “Bleux Water Spa will provide the area with natural rejuvenation services that are unique to the industry. Our location in the Mariemont Promenade is upon a rare source of mineral water that was created through glacial movements and mineral deposits. Geologists trace the water to an underground river that originates in Northern Ontario. Throughout history people have celebrated and benefitted from the restorative powers of minerals. All of our treatments use this mineral rich water giving you endless opportunities of therapy. Bleux Water Spa is located in an area that used to be known as Clare Yard Springs. The spring attracted people from all over the Cincinnati area so they could fill up their buckets and jars with clean mineral water. There’s a fascinating picture of people waiting in line to do just this that you can view here. The water was first bottled and sold to the public by Orsell J Ferris in the early 1900’s, under the name Crystal Fountain Springs. Crystal Fountain Springs was also a cottage resort with gardens, fountains, and ponds decorating the hillside. The land was later purchased by Thomas J Burke Sr. who built the Glacier Springs Bottling Company in the 1930’s until closing in 1970 when N & W railroad purchased the property. On February 18, 1974, E. George Hack was reported to take the last drink of water from the spring.”

So the water is high in magnesium, silica and more all good for your skin and body. After all, your skin is your largest organ! Even the nail polish is formeldahyde free and eco-friendly.

So I had been for a couple massages and mineral soaks and was hooked myself. But it was mid winter when I realized the mineral baths could help O with her eczema. I asked nicely if they’d be interested in seeing what happened…. And we decided to give it a shot. So my kid is a regular at a spa now.

And I might put my feet in with her.   

So here are some before and afters. I took the photo on the left of her hand just before her first mineral bath. Her hands were the worse (besides her bum but I didn’t think that was blog appropriate) and she was perpetually red, scaly, dry and cracked on her hands. Sometimes they would even bleed. The photo on the right was taken just 20 minutes later on the same day. Suddenly she has smooth, soft hands! It surpassed even the spa owner’s expectations!  

This is her right hand. The top one was just before the bath, the bottom was just 20 minutes later. How incredible!

Needless to say, we’ve become regulars. She went once weekly for a 15-20 minute soak all winter. I swear it was like she had new skin! The benefits of mineral baths are countless! 

The website lists the primary benefits of mineral water:

Aids in strengthening bones and skeletal tissues

Works as a catalyst for healthy chemical reactions, metabolic function of cells, 

maintains the body’s PH balance and stimulates osmosis

Breaks down waste material in the body as well as cleanse it of toxins

Relieves the pains and aches associated with rheumatism and arthritis 

by reducing inflammation and swelling of the muscles and joints

Improves the skin because of the high content of silica which can strengthen

the spongy cells that are found between elastin and collagen fibers as well as slow down wrinkle formation

Maintains electrolyte balance

Maintains muscle performance

Aids in digestion

Lowers LDL cholesterol

Lowers Blood pressure

Free of added chemicals as well as preservative free and completely natural

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