Faux Mantle is Finally Fo-Real

I have been dying to share this project with you guys! It was a half-baked idea I had for adding a mantle to a friend’s dining room. I kind of had to sell her on it drag her along but she put a little trust in me and I think now she might love it more than I do.

So my dear friend Erika… you know, the girl who convinced me to slap up some insanely gorgeous navy stripes for her family room… Funny enough, her dining room has a similar wall that covers what used to be a fireplace. I, personally, was dying to rip open the wall and expose brick but Erika’s style is a little more polished and crisp than that. Plus the risk of exposing an eyesore or dilapidated mess was a bit daunting.  So I begged her to add a fireplace mantle to this wall. For months I tried to sell her on it.

And then one day I stumbled on a cheapo fake mantle. It’s not antique and it’s not even built very well but it was a great start.


We cleaned it up, spray primed it and brought it inside. We made a trip to home depot and bought a long piece of poplar to make the shelf/ledge and a few pieces of trim to clean up some incomplete and rough looking edges. You might remember my documentation of this trip to the depot on Instagram. Because I have fun pretty much everywhere I go.

Anywho…. the mantle.


We used liquid nails all over the back and a few long drywall screws on each side to mount it to the wall. We added trim with some liquid nails and a few finishing nails. I also caulked some seams and gaps… it helps make everything look like one solid piece rather than a bunch of stuff we decided to nail to a wall.

Then one day O brought my little helper over with Erika was at work and we painted the whole thing Benjamin Moore White Dove. Erika already had the paint and I never turn away from painting anything white!




She did a great job of styling the mantle shelf and sent me a few pictures. We’ve talked a few times about how it looks better than we had imagined. This fantastic dining room now has a subtle focal point and feels a but more polished (without being too formal). I think it also brings the eye higher up the wall so the high ceilings are showcased a bit more. I think we are all pleasantly surprised by how it turned out. And I’m glad I don’t have to repair and paint the wall (as I had promised to do if she hated it).


One thought on “Faux Mantle is Finally Fo-Real

  1. I never thought about this…I also don’t have a mantle but want one so badly. great idea! Also, your little girl reminds me so much of Spencer, my 2 YO girl…. She had the same glasses, but just recently got a new pair with different shape. Adorable! Hello from my little one to your’s! :-) 

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