Marble Painting

I’d love to share one of O’s favorite crafts with you today. I was hoping to teach her about color theory and remembered this little project: Marble painting. And the best thing about it is that I bet you have all of the supplies for it already.

You will need:

a cardboard box – any size as long it fits your piece of paper along the bottom

liquid paint – I used liquid acrylic craft paint



Place the paper in the center of the box. You can tape it in place if you’d like or if you think you have a kid who will be an aggressive shaker. Dot paint around the border of the box. Add marbles to the box.


Now for the fun! Let your kid shake the box. The marbles will roll around, through the paint and create tracks across the paper. Some colors will mix. O was fascinated by this and we discussed what was happening and all about mixing colors.


The results are a fun mess of colors in an abstract painting. Literally anyone can do it! And it doesn’t hurt that it is fun to do!


O loves her masterpieces. We’ve probably made 100 of them… it never gets old! She even asks me to keep basically every single box that comes to our house so we can do this project again and again.


A friend of mine told me she used avocado pits instead of marbles… they add a different texture and make for an easy clean up since you can just pitch them with the box.

A couple books I love about color theory:

Mix It Up

Little Blue and Little Yellow

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