Dreamy Things In the Works

Have you ever wandered through a furniture store and thought “Where do I even start?”? Don’t worry… it happens to everyone. Even me! So when Arhaus approached me about creating my dream living room I was equally excited and paralyzed. I mean, the living room is the heart of the home if you ask me. In my house, it is where we play games (who else got Uno Attack for Christmas!?!?), catch up about on what happened in each other’s days and even play with Barbies. Well, at least one of us is playing Barbies. This is the space where my daughter is learning to read and where she took her first steps! And it is also where my husband and I chat, read and -let’s be honest- enjoy some peace and quiet in the evening. Many a blog post have been born in my family room! So with so much living happening here, I wanted to create a livable space. But I firmly believe that function can also be beautiful. I got to work! My quick solution was to put together a inspiration board of things I like. While I can’t share my final dream living room design until early next week. For now you can get a peek at where I started:

arhaus dream room


What about you! What happens in your living space? Do you have a TV in your living room? We don’t! (I know. Weird. But I think more life happens there without a TV). Do you like gobs of pillows? A plush rug? Lots of layers or is less more? What do you feel in your space?I want to know! Comment below or on my Facebook or Instagram.

3 thoughts on “Dreamy Things In the Works

  1. I love it that you don’t have a TV. I do but only because I want to keep it out of the bedroom. If I had more rooms in my home, I would totally put it in a separate room. I get so sick of trying to talk to my fiance only for his eyes to wander off to Alaskan Bush People. I really like your picks for the room. I am a big fan of baskets. I feel like they are great for keeping things tidy and organized. I always have one for throws that I roll up and have almost displayed (I have one for each college I attended). I have also put potted plants in a few that are more rounded to hide the ugly plastic pot. I’m moving pretty soon so I’m looking forward to following your posts as I put together a new home and create a new living environment.

    • The tv thing was intentional… but I forget it’s weird until a new visitor mentions it. Positive reviews across the board. My husband calls it the “conversation room”… and unlike the tv-less family room most of us grew up with, it’s not a “formal living room” either. It’s very lived in! We live in a cookie cutter neighborhood and I’ve notice that several of our neighborhood friends with similar floor plans have also opted (not sure if I inspired them) for no tv in the living space off the kitchen and instead to put it in the lower level (classic 1970’s bi-level).

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