Arhaus Dream Living Room

Last week I told you I was working on a dream living room mood board project with Arhaus. How exciting! I needed a jumping off point because while “build your dream living room” is my dream assignment, it’s also like being a kid in a candy store… I want it all! I had to kind of give myself a process (you know, because the kids in candy stores can sometimes end up with a stomach ache) and so I started by asking myself how I want to feel in the room. Answers: cozy, fresh. And what I wanted it to say: layered, traveled, thoughtfully collected. I want a room that is moody in the best way… fresh and cheery enough to enjoy my morning coffee but subdued and soft enough for curling up with a good book at night. Then I built a mood board of just general things I like. You can see my inspiration board here.

Well the wait is over! I based my room around two of my favorite Arhaus pieces. First I knew I wanted an amazing handwoven rug from Arhaus that would be durable, comfy and beautiful. What more could a girl ask for?! I also knew right away that the Pier sectional sofa from Arhaus was the one for me! Cozy, plenty of padding and pillow space with a solid corner for nesting, but lacks nothing in the design aspects. I mean, check out those clean lines and delicate modern legs. Hello, gorgeous! And the upholstery comes in “Tribeca Peacock” which delivers the exact moody punch I was going for. In addition, I went for Platinum Gray by Benjamin Moore for the walls. I think it would be crisp enough to feel light and fresh but I knew it would also provide a simple contrasting back drop for the bold sofa choice. I mixed in some texture with several kinds of pillows in jewel tones, the pleated side table and woven upholstery. And most of the concepts on my inspiration board translated well into my dream living room.

Arhaus Dream Living Room 2017



If you like what you see, you can click to Polyvore mood board above and you can see exactly where to find each piece as well as the prices. P.S.- Arhaus is having a giant sale right now too (You’re welcome).

5 thoughts on “Arhaus Dream Living Room

  1. I keep thinking about getting a colored sofa but just can’t picture it in my head. I LOVE this inspiration board! Now I feel so much less intimidated about adding statement pieces. Definitely going to check out their sale! Thanks for the tip!

  2. I love the bronze accents with the stool, lamp and coffee table! Fun and funky but not too trendy. This inspiration board has inspired me to head to Arhaus and check out the sale!!!

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