The Best Kind Of Crazy

Last year (particularly the latter part of last year) was busy for me and admittedly, my blog suffered. I like to make sure my life is in balance… errr, um… as much balance as possible. So my plate got a little fuller for a bit and I didn’t have much content here for a while. If you follow me on social media you know that I’m still around and my Instagram and Facebook are still active with articles and funny tidbits. I’m ready to share all the things that have been keeping me busier these days though. I’ll have several posts catching you up on all things Hilda… but for now I’ll share the most fun one. Hint: it’s pretty, comes with adult beverages and great friendship!

I’ve been helping my dearest friend Erica make some amazing Hand Lettering and Calligraphy Workshops happen. It’s all her: her talent, her dream and her hard work. But even genius needs a little help sometimes.

Pretty… right? One day Erica called me up and was like “I want to do a calligraphy workshop. Am I crazy?” and like any good friend I assured her she was only the best kind of crazy. She decided to go for it and was kind enough to take me along for the ride.

With just a few weeks to prepare, Erica put together a top notch Thanksgiving themed workshop. I drove 3 hours (I live in Cincinnati and she lives an hour North of Columbus) to help with last minute details. We worked around the clock to finish assembling her workbooks, spray painting tons of things gold and packing things to haul to the workshop location (which was GORGEOUS). Erica also arranged for a local bakery to make scones and pastries for the workshop which she complimented with a signature apple cider mimosa cocktail.

Mimosa bar at calligraphy workshop

There was a little sweat on the brow… I mean, this was a wild idea just a few weeks beforehand but the whole workshop sold out. She added more seats and it sold out again! It was awesome to watch nearly 3 dozen women come together on Saturday morning to learn brush calligraphy, traditional calligraphy and hand lettering.

While Erica taught her workshop, I took tons of pictures, took over her social media accounts and even did a Facebook live on her page ( you can watch it here ). I had so much fun tagging along and watching it all unfold. You can read Erica’s blog post all about it here.

Calligraphy and Cocktails Workshop

I am so proud of this little dream Erica had and also so proud to be a small part of it. Erica had not just taught a class, she built an incredible workbook from scratch and taught a class around it, she had created an entire experience. All the decor, food, cocktails and the instruction were over-the-top gorgeous! When it was all finished, we packed up our cars and headed home. On the ride home we recounted the day and decided to do it all again in December. Same idea, change up a few things like ditching brush lettering this time and making it cocoa themed.

Here are a few pictures from the Calligraphy and Cocoa Workshop. Try not to drool. I promise it was as tasty as it was fun. You can read more about the December workshop on Erica’s blog, but a sneak peek is below.

O Holy Night Calligraphy Print

Hot chocolate bar

Needless to say, both workshops were a huge success and totally gorgeous! Erica had such wonderful feedback and lots of people requesting holiday gift certificates that she has announced not one, but two a Gal-entine’s Workshop on February 4th. If you’re in the Columbus/Mansfield area and want to come, you can register here.

Calligraphy and Cocktails Workshop Galentine's Edition

I promise it will be fun and you’ll learn a ton. And of course, you’ll get to sip the signiture cocktail she’s named “Love Potion”

The signature cocktail we're serving up! Love Potion! 

Bonus: you’ll get to hang out with me too. Hope to see you there!

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