Minty Fresh Bedroom Re-Do

Remember our tiny guest room? The one we miraculously squeezed a queen bed, desk and night stand into… Yea, it’s still really tiny. After we evaluated our needs, we finally decided to make it a bedroom for O. Her old room (once her baby nursery) is bigger and will serve us better as an office and guest room combination since Hubby works from home more frequently now. He needs space!

Plus, it was totally time to give her a big girl room. I knew she’s relish the opportunity to choose some of the colors and elements herself. I always enjoy a clean slate and a challenge, so I pitched the idea to her. She was in.

I started by asking O what color she wanted her room. Boy, was that a big question! Her Answer: ALL THE COLORS IN THE RAINBOW. Wow, thats like a lot. So I asked her to choose 2 or 3 colors, hoping I could find a feature color and maybe some accent colors (provided the ones she chose would “go”‘ together). You guys, this child has my heart. Can you believe she told me she wanted “mint”?!?! What five year old has preferences of color variations?!?!? And she also said she wanted hot pink and gold. While I’m not super into pink, I know a thing or two about mint. Afterall, it is the color of our front door, our kitchen has a mint hue to it, I think much of my closet even has mint in it too. I’m sipping out of a mint coffee mug right now! The hot pink would normally pose quite a challenge for me but I knew it would be great with her other colors. And gold is so on trend and I was impressed that she picked it. Take a peek at what we came up with!


I used my better judgement and opted not to paint the entire room minty. It is already a vibrant color and I wanted her room to feel fresh and fun, not overwhelming. I chose to paint the wall that her bed goes against as the mint wall and the three surrounding walls went white. The mint color we went with is Ben Moore “Waterfall” and the white is Decorator’s White straight off the shelf.


The hardware on her existing dresser, curtain rod, flower pot, frames (from my arsenal of frames in the garage), a wooden letter “O”, and one small canvas all got spray painted gold. I think you can fix almost anything with a little spray paint, right?


I wanted the two big elements in the room to be the gallery wall with dresser vignette and the bright mint wall. I wanted the gallery wall to be collected and not overly busy but very much a statement. to top it off, I was hoping to make this room work for a five year old and beyond. Challenge accepted!

liv room

Gallery Breakdown:

1- I framed a Vivienne Westwood scarf that I had that happened to go well with our color scheme.

2- Watercolor glasses print from Erica Hammer.

3- I spray painted a recycled canvas from my collection gold and then I made a bow out of pink ribbon and hot glued it on the canvas for an instant wall hanging.

4- I framed a watercolor that O painted. I mostly chose it because it fit an awkward sized frame and it actually worked out just fine.

5- A wooden Target Dollar Spot “O” spray painted gold and mounted on another recycled canvas painted with the opposing wall color.

6- This one is not finished. It is a place holder for a silhouette of O that I’m having made. So just pretend that is what you see there instead.

7- Paper flowers that I purchased at the Target Dollar Spot. I bought the pink/blush combination and a mint/navy combination. Then I hot glued them onto a canvas painted white to match the wall.

8- Target Dollar Spot gold framed mirror. It came with twine as the hanger but I swapped it out for pink ribbon and used a pretty glass drawer pull to mount it to the wall. I hung it low so O can see herself when she’s sitting on her bed.

9- Scratch art (remember that stuff?!?) by O.

Family photos- fun pix of family, vacations and even the dog!

Beta Fish- This is Raspberry. He is Blueberry’s (who lived 2+ years!) successor and I think it’s cool that he lives in her room! And there is a little potted plant too.

Painted dresser- this was Hubby’s when he was single. I painted it white for O’s nursery and took off an odd cabinet door to open the book shelf up.

Spectrum books- Inspired by The Home Edit, we arranged her books in raind

Minty fresh

Paint Color- Ben Moore – Waterfall

Tassle Garland- on clearance at Target. For $4 its a pretty good match!

Pink Fuzzy blanket- Amazon. It makes the perfect “pop” of pink.

Fiesta Sheets- Target Pillowfort. O chose these out of about 4 sets I had narrowed it to. I’d be lying if I said they were my favorite, but after putting them in the room I think they are the best fit of all the choices I gave her!

Spindled End Table- I think this was given to me but it has been a while so I’ll say it was a yard sale find. Apparently I have such a furniture addiction that I can’t recall where exactly it came from!


How happy does a rainbow bookcase make you feel? I’m kind of obsessed. And those hot pink sneakers are pretty awesome too.

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