Preschool Valentines


O doesn’t have a class full of kids to give valentines to yet but I knew she’d get a kick out of making some. I employed good old Pinterest for inspiration and put my own little twist on a common Pinterest Valentine craft.


I asked Hubby to grab a pack of blank (unlined) 4″x 6″ index cards at the grocery store for less than a dollar. I already had red and white craft paint and was recycling toilet paper roll so the grad total for this craft is just a buck!


I folded the toilet paper roll into a heart and swirled some red and white paint onto a recycled lid. The rest was up to O. And she went to town!


She stamped her little heart out (har har) and made nearly 30 valentines! The twist that I threw in was to make them into postcards to mail to our friends. I just drew a line down the center, wrote notes on the left and addresses on the right and then used postcard stamps that I had left over from our Christmas postcards. I’m pretty sure our friends and family loved receiving these. Who doesn’t like to get mail!?




Sharpie on Beauty


If you have a dollar and 10 minutes, you can do this project. I found some adorable wrapping paper in the dollar section at Target. At the time I had no planned use for it but it was cute and only a dollar. I couldn’t resist! I guess thats why they call them impulse purchases.


A couple of weeks later I was fishing through my art supplies to find a few things for an art piece for our half bath. I grabbed the gift wrap (I was a little eager to use it) and this old canvas. Its one of the alphabet canvases from O’s original bedroom theme. I hadn’t painted over it yet because it had a gash in the canvas. For some reason I had not yet tossed it in the trash.

I started  wrapping the canvas with the wrapping paper like so. I used scotch tape to secure the paper to the canvas and to other sections of the paper.

IMG_1847   IMG_1849

IMG_1850    IMG_1851

I used a Sharpie paint pen to write a quote on the panel. I chose a quote about beauty by Marc Jacobs. I like the idea of a positive quote about beauty (by a fashion icon no less) hanging near a mirror. I’ll be hanging it in our half bath as soon as soon as I have time to paint it. And I’m sure I’ll be finding more uses for the gift wrap! How many projects can I get out of my dollar impulse purchase?


40 Homemade Stationery Cards for $10

I’d like to start by congratulating my beautiful little sister on her college graduation. What a fantastic accomplishment and milestone to reach!

That’s how this all came about- my $10 craft. My sister graduated, our parents threw a party (a darn good one too!), she received tons of generous gifts. True to form, my sis wanted to write thank you notes to each and every person who attended the party and/or sent a gift. True to form, she’s on a budget…. More intense than the college budget: the graduate budget. She asked for a little help… I obliged. We discovered that target, Walmart and hallmark carry tins of thank you note selections at reasonable prices. But for $10 she was only able to get 8 or 10 ho-hum cards. I introduced her to the Michael’s craft clearance bins.


We got 2 stamps (way more her style than most of the cards we saw elsewhere), 3 ink pads and 5 sets of 8 cards (totaling 40) for $9 and some change.


Now I’m not a stamper, but I stamped my little heart out for about 30 minutes and this is what we came out with.


I tied a bow on it to be cute… Hilda always does that. And at-da! A great craft for yourself or a gift for less than 10 bucks. This one will be seriously hard to beat!