Rainbow Cupcakes (for dummies)


I was babysitting one day and I had a pair of 7 year old twins to entertain along with Baby O. I had a rough agenda of dress ups, mani/pedis (which they always LOVE) and baking cupcakes. They were supposed to bring dessert to a family dinner that night and mom said we could bake them if they wanted.


We got to work on laying out the cupcake liners and choosing icings and ingredients. At the very last second I remembered my friend telling me she makes her daughter a rainbow birthday cake every year. I was immediately impressed but she made it sound so easy. She had told me that she simply evenly divided the batter and heavily food colored each
color of the rainbow.

Boom. I presented my idea to the twins and they thought I was a magician!


I divided the batter into six bowls which ended up being about a half cup per bowl.


Then I colored each bowl with food coloring. Some colors took more coloring drops than others but I knew I wanted vibrant colors so I just made them as bright as possible.


After I got the colors to where I liked them I started layering them into each cup by the spoonful. I chose to start with red on the bottom and worked up: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple (for those of you who can’t remember the rainbow order).


Then we baked the cupcakes according to the directions in the box and voila!


Icing is a piece of cake (har har). To make the tub of icing go further I whipped it in Kitchen Aid. Then I cut the corner off of a ziplock bag and loaded the icing in. Then I simply swirled the icing onto the cupcakes. No mess and way easier if you ask me. Add some food color and sprinkles if desired.


Tada! And here is one cut open so you can see the rainbow effect. And they were quite tasty too.