A Very “Gotrocks” Christmas – 2014

Well hello. I know, I’m a slacker in the blog department lately… but you know… the holidays are busy. While I have a few recipes and things coming to the blog soon, I wanted to share our family Christmas card. I had a lot of help from two very special elves this year so I’ll give you a peek at how it came together before I share the finished product.

First, Meredith of Lifelong Memories Photography (go look at her gallery or you’re missing out!) took some amazing shots of O with Santa during a “mini session”. Let me tell you, this chick has it together. Photos with toddlers can be quite the challenge but Meredith kept it upbeat, changed scenery to keep O interested and was super patient with O (and us… because I’m sure Hubby and I were all up in her business trying to “help”). The location was spectacular! It was just 15 minutes from our house in Cincinnati at an old craftsman style home in Northern Kentucky that a friend of Meredith owns. She had it decorated so beautifully. I felt like we were in a magazine!  She really captured some darling moments and I knew we’d be making a killer Christmas card with them. Check out some of our favorites!






Our pictures came back a little over a week later and we selected 10 to keep. Meredith edited a few things like a light switch on a wall near the stairs, and cropped some images for better composition and then she sent high quality images via Dropbox. So easy. No mailing or shipping and I could send them directly to my next elf.

Katie of kmd designs (etsy) and Life of Kate / Almost Vegan (blog) is the next trusty elf. And like Meredith, she knows her stuff. You may remember that she did our amazing invitations and game prints for the Little Man Mustache themed baby shower my sister and I threw for our other friend Kait. All I did was share our Dropbox file with Katie and give her a few of my ideas for the card and verbiage. I was hoping to do a postcard this year. I liked that we’d probably be the only (or one of a couple) holiday postcards that our friends would receive. I also loved that postcards are inexpensive to print (thanks to Vistaprint and a coupon code) and postage is only 34 cents (but postcards must be 4×6 inches or smaller to qualify). So Katie shot back a few starter designs a day later and we tweaked a couple things. Before I knew it I had a high quality file ready to send to print. That’s one of the great things about Katie and her etsy… everything is in pdf so she sends it as soon as shes finished and there is no wait for shipping. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

Here is our finished product. Excuse the Sharpie… it’s covering our address. I’ve already received countless emails, facebook messages and texts telling me how cute it is and asking who did the photography and design. THANK YOU Katie and Meredith!




Hilda Sells Her Rocks


I’ve cleaned up my Etsy shop and added a few new finished products. It felt so good to sift through some of the junk and add my newest creations…. like spring cleaning! But I always forget all the work it takes to post everything. After my work for hours on all of these pieces, I always call up my sister and ask her to model for me. She usually jumps at the chance to “model” and I trade her for some time tweaking her resume (I like doing that stuff actually). She makes a great model: she’s petite, flawless olive skin (people always think we are Greek), and decently good at sitting still. And I bet she’ll love reading this. Then I have to choose which photos to post, price everything accordingly, write killer descriptions and then shamelessly promote/pin/facebook/tweet all of my listings.

Changes I’ve made to my inventory:

I’ve tried to expand my price point. There will be more affordable pieces under $30 or $40, though necklaces are inevitably more expensive. Glamour and fashion should be fun and affordable for everyone.

I will be getting a new “header”…. perhaps something to coordinate with the blog. Not too logo-y but at least give Hilda a little more of an identity.

More photography, less paintings. For a number of reason: paintings are time consuming, dining room consuming and don’t sell as well. Additionally, they are a royal pain to ship. Photography seems to be more popular and much more enjoyable and flexible for me to create.

STAY TUNED! I’m planning a couple more halloween decor posts, small projects as well as a few before and afters around the house.