The Genuine Article



My mom isn’t a packrat by any means… So when she saves things – they are always worth saving. A couple of weeks ago she presented me with a Rubbermaid bin full of classic 80’s Osh Kosh from my Childhood. I cried. I knew how much she loved dressing us in overalls, rompers and sundresses…. And I love doing it for Baby O. They don’t make this stuff the way they used to! Even the buckles and buttons are original high quality Osh Kosh! I’ve been dressing Baby O in it and people always comment!!! It’s not dated at all bc they are classic girlie patterns, simple stripes and polka dots but people still notice. Yes, my baby rocks vintage. There were also a few handmade dresses and sweaters I remember my sister wearing and bonnets I recognize from pictures and my fave silver rattle! Thanks Mom for one of the most thoughtful, sentimental and useful gifts. Thanks for having the foresight to save these beautiful things for your grand babies!