For Sale: Arch Spindle Back Chair


It always happens. I make something with the intent of selling and inevitably want desperately to keep it. You may remember that this was one of my spoils in a recent yard sale frenzy. It’s the first thing I wanted to transform from my arsenal of furniture because I immediately had a gilded vision for it. My recent obsession with navy and gold has spread now to my furniture creations! I painted this with gold metallic paint and a slate/navy by Benjamin Moore called Newburyport Blue.

This item has been sold!  It is still one of my favorite looks. And likely my favorite transformation overall. I’m keeping this post up due to overwhelming interest and hits from Pinterest. Feel free to DIY a version and share it with me (in comments below or on my facebook page)

Arch spindled back chair hand painted with chalk paint: Ben Moore Newburyport Blue and gold enamel. Gloss finish. Classic chair can be used at a desk, as a side chair. I’d love to see it in a collection of mismatched dining chairs at a dinner table.




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