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Snow Day Salt Dough

The other day O and I had an unexpected snow day. Hubby worked in the morning and my already short day at work got cancelled all together. I took the opportunity to do a little toddler holiday craft with her. And you guys, I turned to Pinterest. Surprise! Having done salt dough before with kids, I basically knew what I wanted to do but I needed the recipe.


All the recipes were mostly the same. Here is what I found over and over on Pinterest:

1 cup salt

2 cups flour

1 cup warm water

Optional: powdered tempura paint or food coloring to add color.

Mix all in one bowl. I started string with a spoon and quickly realized my Kitchen Aid dough hook would have been perfect for the job. After it was well blended I just dove in with my hands. The more you knead it the smoother it gets.

Bake at 200F for 20-45 minutes depending on thickness or dry overnight.


I rolled it out on wax paper, used a cup as a cookie cutter to make circles the right size for O’s hands. Then I helped her make her hand print on each cut out. This is where there were tears. Apparently the kid thought these were cookies and she was really excited about cookies… but then I had to burst her bubble. She just wouldn’t accept that they weren’t cookies. So Mom of the Year over here let her take a bite and she was really disappointed that these were not cookies.


After she made about 15 prints, I made holes  for a hanger and we left them to dry. I let them dry overnight (as my Pinterest sources repeatedly recommended) but I found them to still be soft, damp and still a little malleable. So I popped them in the oven as many of the sources also recommended. Um, no. NO. No. no. 20 minutes? Nope. 45 minutes? Nope. Try MOST OF THE DAY. I just kept peeking in on them. Not only did they not dry quickly… I realized they weren’t drying evenly. The bottom side that faced the pan was still wet halfway through the day! So I flipped them. And I continued to keep an eye on them. I lost track of exactly how long they were in there but they did eventually dry.

I had originally thought I’d spray paint them silver (a color I knew I had on hand) but I stumbled upon another idea on Pinterest to paint the hand print to look like Santa.


I used acrylic craft paint that I already had. I’ve broken Santa down into steps above. To be honest, I did these in stages… between laundry, dishes and a tv show’s commercials. An hour maybe total. My only flaw was that I had already punched the holes. Santa will be hanging sideways… but that is ok with me. I was having fun and really considered adding glasses to Santa as a little tribute to O but decided it might be too challenging and time consuming. I sharpied her name and the year on the back. These will be given to great grandparents, grandparents, aunts/uncles and special people over the next few days. If you’re one of these people… pretend you never saw this! Of course, ours already hangs on our tree!


“Little Man” Mustache Themed Baby Shower


My sister’s best friend of 20 years  is having a sweet baby boy. Like soon… she’s 4 weeks out. In honor of Kait and her sweet little man, we threw her one heck of a baby shower. Kait is trendy and cute in every way so we knew she would be all about a theme… and mustache theme was exactly what we were looking for. My sister and I started a mustache themed baby shower pinboard and got to work.

kait 3

Our sweet invitation done so nicely by Katie at Custom Creations by Kate. If you read the bottom section, we used a Pinterested rhyme to ask guests to bring books instead of cards. And they did! Katie also made a really cute matching game print out. Unfortunately I have no clue where an image of that is. Noteable: Katie is also The Almost Vegan. And you don’t have to be vegan to devour her amazing recipes.


I made my signature paint chip pennant banner in navy, gray and blue. They were hung over doorways and windows and of course, the mantle. Tutorial here.


I made cupcakes and iced them by piping whipped icing onto the tops like I’ve done before. Then I pressed on paper mustaches that I had cut from Martha Stewart (they are the largest I can find at Home Depot) paint chips.


I used the same paint chip mustaches to decorate party favors. I hot glued them to the sticks of tootsie pops so that when you put the sucker in your mouth it gave you a “mustache”.


We placed those in a basket with a framed paint chip that said “Thanks for COMBING!” … haha. Get it?


This was one of the gift bags for game winners. Sneak peak into those here.


I found stick-on fuzzy mustaches at Ted’s Toy Store, a local toy store. If you’re in the Cincinnati area be sure to check out Ted’s in Madeira. Its my go to for every gift- he carries unique games, trendy toys and classics from your own childhood. Anyway I bought them on the spot, although I wasn’t sure how I’d use them. The day of the party I decided they’d be funny on the bathroom mirror so that guests could see a mustache on themselves. I stuck 3 of them on the mirror vertically. I figured that peoples’ heights vary and things look better in threes. Everyone commented on them.



I also stuck them over the spouts of our refreshment dispensers. Also I huge hit with guests!


Guests also drank from plastic glasses we had Sharpied mustaches onto. Ps- serving mimosas at a baby shower is the best idea we’ve ever had. I highly recommend it!


Kait’s sister made this adorable fruit salad… er, um sculpture? How cute! She too gave credit to Pinterest. I think we all drink the Pinterest kool-aid these days.


Best photo of the day: Kait and our friend Joanna posing for an OH MY GAWD shot. I think they had fun!

First Impression

So our first house is pretty standard for the neighborhood: 30-something year old split level with shutters and ho-hum landscaping (on our giant to-do list) on a corner lot. The hubby and I both have laundry lists of things we would like to do to the house to make it “ours”… among those things is the outside of the house. As I drive through the neighborhood each day I notice the “curb appeal” throughout. So I got to thinking… The inside is for us. We can take all the time in the world to experiment with furniture arrangements, paint one room at a time, hang pictures, arrange books on shelves and so on. But the outside of our home is the welcome mat to the rest.  The hubby and I hadn’t initially discussed how we felt about living on a corner so I was surprised when he expressed that he felt it was a “con” for him about the property. I actually thought a corner lot would be great… I love that the first impression of the home is the front of the house: sidewalk, shutters, front stoop and door. I love that visitors are first greeted by the front door … THEN they see the driveway and garage doors. So garage doors aren’t in the forefront. The front door is.


When we moved into the house, the door was a not-super-ugly but far-from-impressive burgundy (so was one lonely wall in the family room- but thats a whole different post). Most of the houses in our neighborhood don a similar red while others stick to hunter green, creams and browns. But burgundy seems to be the boldest color chosen. We decided that our house needed some personality. After some debate and some pinteresting (as usual)… the hubby and I started talking about deep ocean teals and gray-blues. Let me remind you that I grew up in a purple victorian house. Even now my parents’ house (not the purple one) has a vibrant grape front door. I’m not afraid of color. I wish I could say the same for Hubby.

Side by side colors

And so we made our seemingly weekly pilgrimage to Home Depot and chose a handful of deep Caribbean jewel tones. We settled on “Caribe” Behr exterior paint with primer in it. I spent an afternoon lightly sanding the door, wiping away grime and taping off hardware. The hubby leant me his tools but knew better than to hang around any longer than that. And by the time he was finished with a Call of Duty marathon, I had completed our new door. In fact, not only did I paint the outside of the door, I painted the inside too. Nobody every does that. I don’t even know what possessed me to do it. But its awfully cheery in our foyer now. I highly recommend it.


Tada! Pretty bright. Admittedly brighter than expected. We actually stood in the driveway across the street and chatted for about 20 minutes trying to decide if we were too daring. We agreed to sleep on it… and we were back in the neighbor’s driveway the very next morning. The verdict is to keep it. However, we are seriously considering painting the trim around the entry black for a more cohesive look. Check back for pictures next week.

The big picture

Here is the view from across the street. After he took this, the hubby was flagged down by the woman who lives there. She raved and raved about our bravery and taste. I’m glad she likes it so much, she’s the one who has to look at it the most. And just yesterday two joggers stopped to tell me they adore it. Its growing on us more each day.

Hilda’s Housekeeper is named Hilda too

One of the things I’m trying to do around here is keep it clean. This probably seems obvious and sounds simple, but let’s remember that I’m a working mom of a not-even-three-month-old. Time, money and energy are all issues here. We can’t really afford to hire a cleaning service or house keeper on a regular basis. My husband (a neat freak) and I (a type A) seem to have differing definitions of “clean”. His is something like this: Vacuum tracks in the carpet, no clutter on counters and no dishes in the sink, but strangely can over look dirty windows, grubby countertops, dog hair riddled cushions and overflowing trash cans. Mine is more like this: Manageable (but still existing and necessary) piles of immediate to-do’s & bills, shiny windows, countertops, floor, empty trash cans and no visible laundry, nicely placed pillows. These overlap and gap in understandable ways. Recently we reach a point where the house was out of control. I felt I was doing most of the upkeep on a daily basis and he felt it wasn’t dirty until it was out of control. Both parties were frustrated. We don’t want to spend an entire weekend day de-cluttering, deep cleaning and shoulder deep in laundry, nor do we want to live with “out of control” all week until we have time for that entire day of torture. After chatting with fellow wives/mothers, a good chat with the hubby and a little googling and pinteresting we came to what we think is a manageable solution: a cleaning schedule. We sat down and discussed what needs to be done daily versus weekly and broke it up into easy to accomplish 30 minute per day tasks. We considered our schedules (coaching soccer, pilates, yoga, church group, etc) and built it for what suits us. So far it’s a work in progress but it looks like this:


-Make beds

-coats, shoes, bags (always scattered at the door or in the foyer)

-baby bottles: soak, scrub, sterilize, assemble

-dishes, dishwasher (load/unload accordingly)

-clear kitchen & bathroom counters

-pack lunches, baby bag, etc for tomorrow


-Sort laundry

-budget, meal plan

-grocery list and coupons


-Laundry wash, dry, fold, away



-floors: sweep, mop, vacuum


-kitchen and bathroom scrubdowns

-trash & recycling


-dust shelves, blinds




-sweep & vacuum



-clean out fridge, pantry or closet (rotate accordingly)

… I will post an update in a few weeks. I hope we can stick to it!