The Teal Pumpkin Project

Today I’m guest posting over on Regarding Nannies all about Halloween, Food Allergies and The Teal Pumpkin Project. Check it out!

Lessons From Kids

It’s time for another guest post by yours truly over at Regarding Nannies! Today I share a few life lessons that I have learned from all the kids I’ve worked with. You can find the article here.


7 Secrets to a Smooth Summer

Today you can find my article “7 Secrets to a Smooth Summer” at Regarding Nannies! I’ve exposed all those tricks I hide up my sleeve to keep myself (and everyone else ) sane.

Hilda is Hanging Out with the Ladies at Regarding Nannies!


How exciting! I have the honor and pleasure of writing a monthly post for the Regarding Nannies blog. If you aren’t familiar with Regarding Nannies (Shame on you!)… They are a team of seasoned professional nannies who blog on all things nanny, education and fun!

My first post might be a familiar one but be sure to check out the rest of their site for fantastic parent, nanny and kid related resources. I promise you’ll be hooked.

Click here to see my post this month!