A walk in Old Milford

The other day O and I had some errands to run in an area of town that is one of my favorites: Old Milford. We parked in from of “The Mercantile Mall” and decided to pop in a take a peek.   If the store fronts are adorable. And they are the perfect indication of what you’ll be finding inside… charming finds for every part of your life. I knew I was in for some fun. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. I just can’t wait to go back on my own so I can stroll through without a little one hurrying me.             

Garage Sale-ing 

Thats right, it’s a verb. I had the pleasure of hitting up about a dozen garage sales this weekend with Katie from Nerdy Girl Writes. We met bright and early, coffee in hand and headed out into garage saler’s paradise.

 We filled our first carload before 9am. And my car is pretty roomy.

Katie scored an entire vintage patio furniture set and a solid teak adirondack chair and ottoman for less than $50. She also scored a ouija board fkr the purpose of framing as graphic art. I’m kind of jealous. I’m sure she’ll be posting all about it but I have to admit I was impressed. That girl can negotiate!

We made a few trips back to my garage, her car and her garage as well as swinging by and borrowing a car for more cargo space. Between the 2 of us we filled 5 car loads. But the patio furniture was easily 3 loads alone.

Here are my spoils.

I’m so pumped about the icecream parlor chair I scored. The pillows are outdoor fabric so they well be going on out deck. Liv will love the magnetic chalk board and the wicker trunk as soon as they each get a coat of paint. The smaller wicker box is actually a file box. 1 was relieved to find this because I have out plastic one and haven’t found a cabinet or anything I like for the same purpose. I’m also excited about the jig saw. Every DIY girl’s dream. Haha! Everything else will likely be redone and sold on my Facebook page or etsy shop.

I’m not morning person but I will say that this was a Saturday morning (and like $65) well spent.

Maple Dresser in Chalk Paint

I recently finished this dresser. It was given to me by someone who knew I could give it a new life and a new home. After quite a bit of elbow grease and lovin’ this thing has a whole new attitude!  And it is for sale! 

Chalk paint in Benjamin Moore Waterfall, distressed and washed in custom mixed Minwax dark stains. Sealed in satin polycrylic (not wax). Solid maple dresser with PLENTY of details and even dovetail joints! I’ve chosen to keep the original brass hardware and repainted it in oil rubbed bronze. Measures 44″ wide, 35″ tall, 20″ deep with drawers at 5.5″ vertical depth Shallow drawers- may be best as a child’s dresser, accent piece, bedside table or even a bar or tv stand! $350 in Cincinnati area! Hurry, price goes up when I list it in my etsy shop at the end of the month! Email hildagotrocks@gmail.com or message me on Hilda’s Facebook page!


Hilda Sells Her Rocks


I’ve cleaned up my Etsy shop and added a few new finished products. It felt so good to sift through some of the junk and add my newest creations…. like spring cleaning! But I always forget all the work it takes to post everything. After my work for hours on all of these pieces, I always call up my sister and ask her to model for me. She usually jumps at the chance to “model” and I trade her for some time tweaking her resume (I like doing that stuff actually). She makes a great model: she’s petite, flawless olive skin (people always think we are Greek), and decently good at sitting still. And I bet she’ll love reading this. Then I have to choose which photos to post, price everything accordingly, write killer descriptions and then shamelessly promote/pin/facebook/tweet all of my listings.

Changes I’ve made to my inventory:

I’ve tried to expand my price point. There will be more affordable pieces under $30 or $40, though necklaces are inevitably more expensive. Glamour and fashion should be fun and affordable for everyone.

I will be getting a new “header”…. perhaps something to coordinate with the blog. Not too logo-y but at least give Hilda a little more of an identity.

More photography, less paintings. For a number of reason: paintings are time consuming, dining room consuming and don’t sell as well. Additionally, they are a royal pain to ship. Photography seems to be more popular and much more enjoyable and flexible for me to create.

STAY TUNED! I’m planning a couple more halloween decor posts, small projects as well as a few before and afters around the house.