Reclaimed Barn Wood Coat Hooks


For a while now I’ve had a stash of barn wood planks in my garage. I collected them on a visit to Danville, KY last spring and have been day dreaming of what to make with them ever since. I was happy to leave my small collection in the garage for a few months. I wanted to be sure it was dried out and free of potential bugs etc before I made a move. Occasionally I’d be in the garage working on my furniture or another project and I’d admire the small pile of barn wood. I even Instagrammed about it here and posted on Hilda’s Facebook page about it here. If you don’t love barn wood then we should probably not be friends. I’m enamored.



So one day I was at Home Depot looking for other things when I found these numbered hooks for a steal. Isn’t that always how it always happens? I decided they’s be cool on a couple of my planks so I bought 2 sets.


I spray painted one set white and distressed them for a feminine shabby chic vibe. The other set were spray painted with oil rubbed bronze for a more craftsman feel. Both sets of hooks immediately looked more expensive and had more character. Then I just had to add them to my barn wood.

The hooks came with screws that were much longer, as they are intended to go directly onto the wall. I used shorter (3/4″) screws to attach them to the boards. As you can see below, I was left with very obvious silver screws. Nothing a little craft paint and detail brush couldn’t fix.


Here are my finished coat hooks. I love them! And I love that they both are made with teh same things but each have their own personalities… I like to think they are sisters. *The white set had been sold! And will look fantastic in my friend Erika’s new house.*







Pinterest Challenge: Winter 2013



I decided to partake on ANOTHER blog challenge. This time it is a Pinterest challenge. Basically: Pin something and actually do it. How many times have you actually done something you pinned? Be honest. (you can see some of my other pinterest inspired posts here here and here and The YHL Macklemore $20 Thrift Shop Challenge here)

20130224-173020.jpgThe inspiration or pinspiration I should say can be found on my “kitchen” pin board. I kept seeing all this silverware art. There was everything from a painting of a spoon to a chandelier made of silverware. I remember doing a studio study on silverware in art school… it was very hard to duplicate the shapes and reflections of a spoon or fork. As much as I loved the idea of a silverware painting I didn’t have the money to buy the Pottery Barn wall art or have the time to duplicate such a cool piece. What I did have was a collection of yours-mine-and-ours silverware. I chose a spoon and fork from our drawer. Nobody knows where the spoon came from and we have no matching counterparts so it was a natural choice. The fork is one of many from an inexpensive set. It won’t be missed.


Next I had to figure out what I wanted to hang my silverware on. A plate? Straight onto the wall? I found a small unused canvas in my art supplies. I considered wrapping the canvas in fabric but the scraps that I had were either too busy or not enough contrast. I finally settled on black paint. I have tons of it, black was a fantastic backdrop for silver and it was neutral enough to go just about anywhere I would decide to hang the canvas.


Now for the hard part: paint the canvas. Obviously it was not that hard. To be honest anyone could do this. Imagine having your kids mix a couple colors and gluing the fork and spoon on. Cute kid kitchen art. Unfortunately O is far too young for such a thing. She’d lick the paint, I’d call poison control. It would be a whole thing that I just don’t want to deal with. Ah, one day.

Anywho, after the paint dried I used superglue to secure the fork and spoon in place. And I was finished!

Total time: 15 minutes. Total cost: $0! Don’t hate.


The finished project. Simple. Kinda “mod”. Somewhat bold. FREE and recycled. Me likey.


I decided to hang my new art in our kitchen in the void space next to our new shelves. If you recall, we decided to center the shelves over the peninsula, which isn’t centered on the wall.  We ended up with more wall space to the right of the shelves than the left. I prefer symmetry so the whole fiasco frustrated me. The silverware art is my sort of “band-aid” to the situation.


While I was at it I hung these two small fruit canvases I had painted ages ago. They are on the small wall near the back door and ad a little “pop” where I hadn’t realized it was needed. By the way, who likes the soft ocean glass green for the kitchen? Its taped on the wall for us to visualized with the floors and slate backsplash along with the strange torn wall paper under the chair rail.