Headboard Reincarnation

I have to take a minute to tell you guys about a quick project I did this summer just a few days before some house guests arrived. You may remember that our guest room has lacked an actual headboard since forever. I even opted to paint one onto the wall when budget didn’t allow for a real headboard. One day I stumbled on a sale post in a local yard sale group on Facebook for a headboard. It actually happened to be for a bed frame (which I also needed since the guest bed was on milk crates at the time) and a hot pink headboard. Even more convenient: the post was by my cousin. She was sweet enough to give me a “family” deal and even delivered the bed frame and head board to me!

As adorable as the hot pink polka dots are… it wasn’t the vibe I was aiming for in the guest room. It sat in the guest room untouched for a while until I stumbled on some fabric I could use. I employed my old trick of using curtains and shower curtains for upholstery projects. I’ve used them for headboards and ottomans in the past and they’ve held up well. They are a fraction of the price, are thick enough and durable enough for such projects, easy to clean AND I can often find them on sale at places like Target, Walmart, Home Goods and TJMaxx. I found a single curtain panel on clearance (it was opened and returned) at Target for $9 and it was perfect for the gray and white I have going in the guest room.

So one afternoon my trusty 4 year old helped me pry the old staples and fabric from the headboard to reveal the white backing.

Then we laid out the curtain panel and got the work stapling. The curtain was just the right size and was easy to staple through. The rounded corners were new for me but I just folded a few little pleats as I went and it turned out fine.

Ta-da! Then we added the legs and gave it a new home in our guest room. Pix to come (our house is currently prepping for construction … and the is a completely different beast that will require a series of posts. oy).